Here’s a little story I’ve gotta tell
Bout this boy I know so well
Back in the day was cool and all
Fell in love, I fell in love
Thought he was the one for me
Other boys I could not see
And look what happened to our love
I’m like how could it be?
It should have been me and you
Boy you broke my heart and now I’m standing there
All I’ve got are these photographs
Now baby it’s killing me
I’m saying it’s killing me
The fact that you ain't around
I know you’re a better man
When I was your girl

Postat av: L u s s i e

fin blogg, ville bara säga att jag gillar din blogg, den är härlig, ville bara säga det :)

2010-02-11 @ 17:03:35
URL: http://lussies.blogg.se/
Postat av: linda

nej men tack så mycket! :) jag försöker mitt bästa :)

2010-02-12 @ 10:43:09
URL: http://lindazetterman.blogg.se/

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